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CA APM Oracle Power Pack

Question asked by nayakvinay on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2016 by musma03

Hi All,


We have configured Remote Oracle power pack monitoring for oracle 11g.

We configured  Power pack in app server where 5001 port is open and able to telnet database instances. 

Database instances is running on another server where 5001 port is not open which we want to monitor.

My query is here

1:-Should be port 5001 is open on where database  instances is running ?

2:-Where i need to run PPOracleDB_UserPrivileges.sql script ?

    1:-in database instances server where database is running ?

    2:-where CA APM power pack configured in  app server ?


         ./PPOracleDB_UserPrivileges.sql with DBA admin access ?


Note:-I am using app server as remote machine for oracle power pack.



Vinay nayak