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Other Work access right by OBS

Question asked by Pilarfr on Dec 21, 2016
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I have a client who wants to use Other Work in order to plan and track non project time ( vacation, absence, sick, training, etc).

They want each OBS unit manager be able to plan their resources non project time in the corresponding Other Work NPIO, the will have one for each type, for example: vacation, training, absence, etc. They will assign all the resources of all the units to each of these Other Works, the problem is that  each manager could see and modify other managers resources, the client wants each manager can see and modify only their resources. The only way I think this could be done is to have Other Work separated for each OBS and give access rights by OBS. 

Do you have any recommendation or have you use a different approach to solve a similar situation?


Thanks a lot for your advice.