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How to handle autoloading of csv file records into mart

Question asked by suhail.ahmed on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by Sameer_Chandragiri

How to handle autoloading of csv file records (updated on daily basis) in mart. Initial load  I have used the option  ‘Import from’ under sql tab.


However I need to load the csv file records which got updated on daily basis.


Please help/suggest your thoughts using tool.


Tried the option of using Javelin as well, but coudlnt succeed. Please help me with steps or documentation. Listed down the steps I have tried.


  • Placed the main frame CSV extract at a certain location.
  • Created a javelin workflow to read this extract automatically every time when it is requested.
  • Whenever the javelin workflow is run, the csv extract is read.
  • Created a connection between CA Javelin and TDMMart using SQL server activity(present in CA Javelin tool box).
  • The data from the mainframe extract is read and stored in a Javelin data table .
  • Now we need to copy the data from this Javelin data table into the table present in data mart.
  • For this we need to write a query in SQL  query activity.
  • But the issue here is the javelin data table is not getting recognized in the respective SQL query.
  • Struck at this point and exploring how this issue can be resolved.