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Gateway is unable to resolve the URI

Question asked by Kareem.shaik7 on Dec 25, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2016 by Stephen_Hughes

Hello Community, 


I have an internal service URI similar to the one shown below. 




Route Via HTTPS assertion is failing with an error invalid URI. 


The same URI works from the browser. 


Audit Log Error Message:

Problem routing to
Error msg: Invalid URI https:<host>:<port>/company/customers/search?q=email_id:""&wt=json&indent=true


assertion.number=36 assertion.shortname=Route via HTTP(S) status=601


I believe if an URI works from browser then it should work from Gateway as well. I there any constraints with respect to URL in Gateway? Is the service URI has different format that Gateway cann't resolve or support?


Note: It's not an Socket timeout error. So I belive cannot be any network or port issue. 


Please guide or help in dubbing or solving this issue.