What’s really going on in your organization – projects, people and performance

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Dec 27, 2016

Project management is becoming an increasingly complex aspect of how organizations operate.  Projects are the vehicles by which strategy is delivered, and the largest element in determining whether goals and objectives are achieved.  In this survey we wanted to look at multiple aspects of project execution and understand what’s working and where challenges are occurring.  We’re looking at governance and financial management, we’re exploring different approaches to PMOs and we’re considering the impact of Agile and hybrid approaches.

We are also shining a light on the performance of strategic projects and how that may differ from other initiatives, and we are exploring the factors that lead to project success – or failure.  We are looking at resources on projects and considering how the approach to resource management impacts overall project performance and we are looking at different types of tool and how those may influence success.

This is a comprehensive survey and the report we generate from it will provide incredible insight into the current project delivery environment of organizations.  There will doubtless be some opportunities to reinforce expectations, but also many more surprising results that will challenge organizations to rethink the way they manage initiatives.


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