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Extended Attributes not provisioning during modifyuser event

Question asked by Sajidkhan1310831 on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by KennyV
We are using the Extended Attribute to Provision few attributes to the Active Directory.  

How Extended Attribute Configured in Account Template:-

1. We added extended attribute and given value as manager:01:0007=%UCU16%;division:01:0007=%UCU23%; 
2. During Create User Event the values are getting updated in Active Directory Correctly. 

Issue Explanation:-  When I am changing the Extended Attribute values in the Modify User for example,
I am chaning manager and Division attribute values but it is not getting updated in Active Directory Account and
getting the below Error.  Failed to execute SynchronizeAttributesWithAccountsEvent.
ERROR MESSAGE: [LDAP: error code 70 - :ETA_E_0039, Global User 'abcxx1' updated successfully.
Associated accounts update failed: (accounts updated: 0, unchanged: 0, failures: 1) ]  
Logs from provisioning server - Etatrans:-  20161228:114701:TID=ad8b70:Modify    :S108:C107:F:    
msg: Connector Server Modify failed: code 53 (UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM): failed t