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PX sequence

Question asked by Sajidkhan1310831 on Dec 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by KennyV

We are trying to move an account from one container to another and then we also removing the older AD groups and adding newer AD groups. Below is the sequence

1. RemoveGroups - PX to remove all the existing groups of user in AD ( Priority 0, Event Approved event)

2. AddGroups - PX to add new AD groups ( Priority 5, Event Approved event)

3. MoveAccount - PX to move the account from one AD container to another ( Priority 20, Event Approved event)


In the view submitted task, the sequence is executing in correct order, i.e 1-2-3 however PX-3(move account) works and other PXs(1,2) behave differently, I mean sometimes add group works and remove group doesn't happen and on other occasions, remove group works but not add group.


We tried disabling PX-3 (Move account) to check if at-least PX1 and PX2 works. It worked!!!

Only when we club move account with Add/Remove AD groups, it doesn't works. Is it because the account is moved that add/remove groups behave indifferently? Can we introduce some delay? Any other thoughts?