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SmHost.conf file was not created in default webagent folder

Question asked by ext-praveen.jetty on Dec 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by Albert_Fernandez

Hi All,


   I have on board the new application in SSO. After successful installation and configuration i am unable to find the SmHost.conf file in default web agent folder but webagent and localconfig files are created in httpd/conf folder. Below are the application requirements and SSO agent version.


Applicatin Details : Apache 2.2.3,  Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.11 (Tikanga) x86_64 bit

SSO Agent Details :

Policy Server : 12.52 CR01


      While configuring SSO agent i have faced host registration process failed error. May be due to unavailability of SmHost.conf. Prots are opened from App server to Policsy server and environment variables are set properly.


   Please let me know why i am facing this error OR any wrong web agent i am installing.