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re-record with lisa.agent.virtualize.include.nulls set to false

Question asked by Luca.casari on Jan 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by Luca.casari

Hi all,

I'm running a virtual service create to emulate an EJB but during execution I've this error and suggest inside the log:

Caused by: com.itko.lisa.remote.vse.VSEException: Cannot deserialize object with new readObject()/writeObject() methods

-------------------------------. You may try to re-record with lisa.agent.virtualize.include.nulls set to false.
 at com.itko.lisa.remote.utils.XStreamFactory$2.fromXML(
 at com.itko.lisa.remote.vse.VSEFrame.getResult(
 at com.itko.lisa.remote.vse.VSEDispatcher.methodHijack(
 at it.usi.xframe.pre.bfintf._PreHome_Stub.create(
 ... 43 more
Caused by: com.itko.lisa.xstream.converters.Conversio


Please could you help me to resolve it? Where is the property option: lisa.agent.virtualize.include.nulls ?


Thanks for your support