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Cluster probe - Error activating plugin: communication error

Question asked by OscarGarza on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by OscarGarza

Hello Community,


I'm trying to configure the cluster probe on a new cluster, we have done this in the past several times, but for some reason with this new specific cluster we are having the following issue.


We are getting this error message after we try to select the type of cluster "Error activating plugin: communication error"   We have tried several things, use old cljuster probe, use old Nimbus robot, use a combination of new robot old probe, old robot new probe, etc... but we stil getting the same issue... The Cluster is a MSFT cluster with SQL installed and the Cluster is working fine at the OS/Cluster level, but the problem is now on the cluster monitoring that we need to provide.  Have you ever seen this type of error before on your environments?