Enhancement request: show which child projects use a field

Discussion created by PedroAcevedo1360720 on Jan 4, 2017

When viewing the details for built-in or custom fields in Agile Central, sometimes a field will have "Visibility: mixed" if it is used in some projects but not others in the workspace. However, it does not tell you which projects use it. This makes it difficult to identify those projects when you have almost 50 projects in a workspace. (See attachment fields.png)


Proposal: In the field details screen, when a field has "mixed" visibility, show a list of all the projects in the workspace and display an indicator (e.g. check mark) next to the ones that do use the field. (See attachment project-list.png)


I opened this as an idea at on ( ) because you still can't submit enhancement requests for Agile Central through Thoughts and votes are welcome!