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Jasper Reports, 14.1.3 CA SDM

Question asked by DerekNielson on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2017 by Paul_Coccimiglio

Hey all,


As we have transitioned from r12.5 to 14.1.3 on CA SDM we have moved from BOXI to Jasper Reports.


The reporting tools that were imported with it automatically from the Service Desk pack were poor. And we need a greater variety of reporting features and information to meet our needs.


We have downloaded TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio and added the data adapter (verified working) and actual server connection (verified working), we can see the file structure and the reports from the server.


But learning this tool knowledge wise seems somewhat step and not directly straight forward. Is there decent documentation available? Something? That would help assist in these efforts?


Any help is appreciated!


Many thanks