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Editing a VSM to create a virtual routing service

Question asked by advi.das on Jan 5, 2017
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I am new(3 days) to CA LISA, we are using v9. We have a requirement from a client as an interim solution to create a virtual service with pass through and routing capabilities. This service will only route the web service requests to already deployed web services. So, if a request hits this new router service it will inspect the request and route to already existing deployed virtual service. So my questions:

- is it advisable to do this as an interim or a long term solution? to create a router service and all client requests for different virtual service hits this service first. 

-if this can be done by editing the VSM, then please direct me to some example documentation which I can use and also which step in the VSM should be used to do this (some detailed examples would be really helpful).


Hopefully I have explained the requirement adequately.


Any help or pointers would be really appreciated.