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Step by Step way to migrate UMP/Unified Reporter from one VM to Another VM

Question asked by MANPAT on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Gene_Howard

My existing UIM setup has below scenario -
UIM, UMP, UR on one VM and DB has install on another VM.

I want to divide existing UIM components into 2 server due to performance issues :
1) Primary NMS server i.e. UIM
2) UMP / UR server

Now due to performance issues recommended to have UIM and UMP/UR on different machine. At this stage i dont want to rework on new UMP Server for activities such as Discovery of servers, Monitoring parameters of servers, Customization of SLM, Performance, Unified Reports etc which already done on existing UMP server and do not want to take risk of loosing UMP/Reports existing data.
Now what is the step-by step guide to uninstall existing UMP/Unified Reporter, Installation of UMP/Unified Reporter, how do I backup and restore files/reports/data/database all as it is to the new UMP/Unified Reporter server ?