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Data driven service virtualization with optional request parameters

Question asked by flemster on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2017 by EricSong

I'm attempting to setup a data driven Virtual Serivce (SOAP) The request parameters contain 2 values (RqUID & AccountNo).   the account no is used for the lookup (ex: RqAccount=001), and the RqUID is generated by the calling app for tracking (ex: RqUID=23984923899), and is a random number..


The XLSX file contains the Request Data Augument AcctId, but no RqUID, as it can never be matched.


The challenge I face is that it seems the Request Data Arguement must have matching entries in the mapping xlsx file.  If include the RqUID, the virtualization will never work, and I cannot set the mapping to ignore the request data.  Need an option to ignore some parameters when mapping the SOAP request parms.  Suggestions are welcomed.


Also potentially needed would be to mark the RqUID as a magic value to be returned the response.  is there a way that could be done, in a data driven scenario?



This is BTW version 9.1..  Maybe available in 10.x?   If could confirm?