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JMS Send Receive step is not executed in JMS virtual service ?

Question asked by k12345 on Jan 5, 2017
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I have created a JMS virtual service i.e only VSM, consist of 3 steps i.e step 1 - JMS listener which will listen the incoming messages as from Queue and perform schema validation of request xml and accordingly publish message on a topic (if it PASS then on PASS topic and vice-versa), step 2 - Parse text as response , step 3 - JMS send receive step which will publish a message on a topic , also a filter is added on this message to store the publishing message in a file. 


When I run this service in ITR , it ran successfully but after deploying on VSE , it behaves unexpected. In Inspection view Only 1st two steps are executed , 3rd step is not executed and neither "write properties to a file" filter is executed ?


What could be the reason for this ? Is JMS send receive step cannot be used in virtual service or we cannot write to a file in virtual service ? I am using DevTest 9.5..