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PMBOK Template Usage

Question asked by Will_Lloyd on Jan 5, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by Will_Lloyd

I have been experimenting further with the PMBOK Template project and have 1) created a 'New from Template' Project using the "PMBOK® Guide Project Template", and 2) 'Copy Project from Template' to import the tasks from the "PMBOK® Guide Project Planning Checklist Template" into an existing Project.


When the Project is created using the Template, both the "PMBOK® Guide Project Template" and the "PMBOK® Guide Project Planning Checklist Template" include pages that allow the user to provide information in the following forms:

  • Project Scope Statement List
  • Project Charter List
  • Project Closure List
  • Project Report List
  • Scope Management Plan List
  • Quality Management Plan List
  • Risk Identification – SWOT Analysis List
  • Product Description List
  • Lessons Learned List

I was wondering if there is a way to update an existing Project to include access to these pages/forms, i.e. avoiding the approach of deleting and recreating the Investment, making use of the Template on the second attempt. From my experimentation, altering the 'Dashboard View' setting only just affects the appearance and order of the Tabs/Pages/Portlets that appear for the given Project.


I am hoping to also learn how to re-order the appearance of the menu that appears, since the default appearance has no relation to the chronogy of completion of the given Lists.