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Spectrum Gateway issues

Question asked by pmurt on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2017 by Gene_Howard

Hi All,

I am using UIM 8.4.7 and Spectrum 10.1.1.  After setting up the bidirectional integration of the Spectrumgateway (8.4.7) probe it was working fine. New devices discovered in UIM were created in Spectrum, all alarms were coming from UIM and asserting on models correctly. The problem is, I was trying to see if I could get the bidirectional portion of the device discovery and creation in Spectrum to work, but disable the alerting by using the selection "from spectrum to UIM" in the config. Then tried to use the snmpgateway to manage the alerts because the Spectrum gateway doesn't allow filtering. Of course it didn't work. After I turned the snmpgateway back off, and set the SpectrumGateway probe back to bidirectional the device discovery still works but the alerting does not. Alarms appear in UIM but are not appearing in Spectrum. How do I get this functionality to start working again?  I have deactivated the Spectrum gateway probe and re- activated it but still no alarms to Spectrum.


Part 2 - So after doing this, I decided I would point the Spectrumgateway probe at my 10.2 preprod server instead just to see if it could be a Spectrum version issue. In both the Spectrum admin page, and the spectrumgateway config actions, both said that the connections validated to each other, but I got nothing on the Spectrum 10.2 side at all.  No model creation, no alarms.  Yes, I did have the Eventadmin created on both Spectrum platforms. All suggestions and Ideas welcome.