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API VS issues

Question asked by DevTestUser on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by abrsh01

Hi ,

Got a problem with API virtual service .. Have got different API methods calls from source system .. where is API is just one but method changes (PUT, POST , GET etc.,)


I built VS with single image and which has three main transactions 


GET /credit-tracker-api/v1/tracker/accounts/

GET /credit-tracker-api/v1/tracker/accounts/{URLPARAM0}/

PUT /credit-tracker-api/v1/tracker/accounts/{URLPARAM0}/


here first GET will be called as 





All these works fine.. but if I add request data manager filter in the VSM for one of the transaction where I need only few elements to compare not all , then this transaction will fail 



I have added JSON filter first, RDM filter next and then REST Data Protocol filter 


.. if I remove RDM it works else my first call fails.. please suggest