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Replace physical attribute names with Display names in email template

Question asked by AbrahamGopali on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by Sagi_Gabay

We are using CA IDM 12.6.8. In workflow  approval notification emails, we are sending user's modified attributes as name value pair.  We are using email templates to generate the emails. We are using following code in the custom email template to generate list of modified attributes and their values. The issue is that "attr" variable contains the physical name of the attribute in user store. We would like to put  the Display Name so that it is more human readable. Does anyone has code to replace physical attribute names with Display names


var event = _eventContextInformation.getEvent();
if(event instanceof {
var user = event.getUser();
var attributes = user.getAttributes().keys();
while(attributes.hasMoreElements()) {
var attr = attributes.nextElement();
var value = user.getAttribute(attr);
if(user.hasAttributeChanged(attr)) {
template.add("<tr><td>" + attr +"</td>");
template.add("<td>" + value +"</td></tr>");