TeamCenter Blank Page after Restart

Discussion created by dxsmith12 on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2017 by Lynn_Williams

Note:  There have been similar discussions on this, but none that match our particular circumstances; therefore, I am starting a new discussion.


Randomly after a graceful restart of our EM and WebView services we log into TeamCenter and receive a blank page. There are no errors on-screen and our WebView logs are clean showing successful authentication.  There are no errors logged.  This issue only affects TeamCenter as WebView will still be available via its direct URL.  Graceful restarts do not remedy this condition, we have to kill the EM and WebView processes and then restart them in order to get TeamCenter back.  This behavior is present in IE, chrome, and firefox so it is not browser or browser plugin dependent from what we can tell.


Again, I realize there are similar discussions on the 'blank page' issue but unlike those, we have no on-screen errors or logged errors to assist us in troubleshooting.  This condition makes restarts a gamble but we try to take regular backups of the APM database thus making shutdowns necessary.


Has anyone seen anything similar in their environment?