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Populate select field from data object that uses input from a text field

Question asked by Grant Bruneau Champion on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Grant Bruneau


I am trying to populate a select field based on the results of a data object that uses input from a text field. Testing the data object, it returns the correct data. However when I click on the select box after inputting text into the UserIDSelection field, the data object doesn't return data.

Select field:
_id: group_id_del

Report/Plug-in Id: a82c537302097-1c7f0e11591d54a35b-52621483542573729
Report/Plug-in variable: $({'Userid_for_sdm_access':ca_fdGetTextFieldValue(ca_fd.formId,'UserIDSelection')})


Text field:
_id: UserIDSelection


Data object: a82c537302097-1c7f0e11591d54a35b-52621483542573729
Table: ca_contact
Fields: last_name

SELECT C.contact_uuid, C.last_name
FROM ca_contact C
JOIN grpmem G ON C.contact_uuid = G.group_id
WHERE C.contact_type = 2308 AND C.inactive = 0
AND G.member = (SELECT CNT.contact_uuid FROM ca_contact CNT WHERE CNT.userid='%Userid_for_sdm_access%')
ORDER BY C.last_name ASC


Any assistance is appreciated!