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Updating Actual Cost in Cost Plans and Hierarchy Page

Question asked by Will_Lloyd on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by Will_Lloyd

Is there a particular PPM job that needs to run in order to post ACWP to the Actual Cost displayed in the 1) Cost Plan, and 2) the Financial Rollup of the Investment's Hierarchy page?


I have configured the Investment (Project in this case) Settings so that it has:

  1. Financial Status = Open
  2. Cost Type = Operating
  3. Type = Standard
  4. Department, Location and Charege Code all = valid values
  5. Labour Transaction Matrix Rate and Cost Source(s) both set appropriately to look at our Rate Matrix

The Project's Team has been built with Resources, aligned with appropriate Roles and non-zero Allocations.

Timesheets have been entered, Submitted, Approved and Posted so that review of the Task Assignments page's details shows that Actuals (in hours) is the sum of the Resources' Timesheets processed, with the ETC reduced appropriately.

Review of the Task Properties shows details of each of the Assigned Resources with their Actuals (in hours) with the ACWP (as a product of their Rate times their Timesheet Hours).


For some reason, the sum of the detailed ACWP from each of the posted Timesheets is not consolidating into the display of the Financial Plan, and so the (Planned) Cost displayed for each record in the Plan shows no Actual Cost, and the Cost Variance is simply the same value as the (Planned) Cost.


As well, the Financial Rollup portlet on the Hierarchy page also shows an Actual Cost of zero, so the Remaining Cost simply shows the same value as the Planned Cost field.


Is there an additional job that I should schedule to pick up the ACWP to post it to the Investment's Actual Cost? I have reviewed Appendix C of the PPM Administration Guide to determine what job might be responsible for this, but nothing has lept out at me.


Suggestions would be welcomed.