Heads Up: APM Knowledge Document Retirement Effort

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Jan 11, 2017
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Dear Team:

To keep our knowledgebase current, Support is starting to retire or create new Knowledge Docs on 

- Knowledge Docs older than 2014

- Knowledge Docs that reference APM 9.1 and 9.5 only.


Those still relevant will be retained.


Those retired so far are :

1. CPU Metrics TEC1010528
2. Error when importing Business Transaction TEC1649275
3. How to install DPM 11.6 + Oracle DB 11gR2 32bit + APM 9.5 + Introscope Integration on Windows TEC596866
4. INFO Message: introscope.agent.crossprocess.sequenceid.maxlimit set to default value of "32"" repeating in Agent Logs TEC598802
5. I'm getting a Webvew 500 Error When attempting to Authenticate an EEM Defined User. What should I do? TEC599741
6. The Application Server logs are filled with ".Does not have a local stall repository" messages. What shall I do? TEC599805
7. Which versions of CentOS for APM 9.x MTP TIMs are supported? TEC601879
8. APM Webview 9.5 gives a Compatibility Mode Error in Internet TEC600137
9. How to disable the Home tab in APM 9.5 Webview TEC604899
10. Is ABA available for APM 9.5.1? TEC602269
11. Correct APM 9.5 TIM Installation Directions TEC1545738


Feel free to reply to this discussion if there are any questions on this.



Hal German