EPAgent - publish static string metric

Discussion created by bwcole on Jan 12, 2017
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Is there a way to publish a static value with the environment performance agent (epagent) much like the EM Host, EM Port such?


I would like to add an agent configuration version number to then be able to query within APM which epagents have which version of the epagent configuration.


We are working on a consolidated epagent that we can deploy to AIX, SLES and RHEL and the differences in the plugins be controlled by | sles | rhel.  With this, instead of having different install images for the different APM environments and OS, we will have a single agent install image that will be deployed to all servers, in all environments.


Now it is a matter of trying to keep track of which servers have which version of the consolidated agent and thought that if I could publish something like a "Build and Release" metric that is published one time, I could generate a report listing which agent configuration version the server has.


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