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Monitor available coordinator instances

Question asked by Jason_J on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by Jason_J

I've copied my test collateral (.tst and .mar) to my DevTest Server and I can execute them with lisa-invoke.


I'm looking for a programmatic way to call lisa-invoke while there are sufficient coordinator instances available, so I don't flood the server. E.g. if i have a single coordinator with 256 instances, i want to check for available/total instances, and begin calling lisa-invoke until i reach some threshold (like 20 remaining), then wait a bit and poll the server for instances being returned/available and then do lisa-invoke again.


I see https://[host]:[port]/api/Dcm/CoordinatorServers will return info about what's running, but how do i know the total instances available? And, is there a better approach to running tests dynamically on DevTest Server?