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grloader relationship errors when loading

Question asked by Corb on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by TMACUL

When attempting to use grloader to create relationships between CIs I keep getting the following type of errors in the log file:


01/12 15:44:14.544 INFO grCIRelationPending 88 grCIRelationPending1000 deferring relation creation between (name(SomeCIName)) and (name(SomeOtherCI))
01/12 15:44:14.556 INFO grCIRelationPending 140 grCIRelationPending8400 undeferring relation creation between (name(SomeCIName)) and (name(SomeOtherCI))
01/12 15:44:14.664 ERROR grCIRelation 694 ERROR: Provider CI not found. name(SomeCIName)


For this post I had to replace the server name with the text "SomeCIName" and the database CI with "SomeOtherCI". 

I've tried both Excel formats with column headings:


name,class,Family,is used by




In either case grloader still kicks out the seed file with the errors seen above.