New UX issue alert:  Error API-1005 when opening a Status Report

Discussion created by Nika_Hadzhikidi Employee on Jan 13, 2017
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Hello everybody,



Just wanted to share with you an error I had with a customer lately that may be also affecting you as well, here is the explanation and the workaround. Please note this can also be caused by other actions than the ones in STR. Hope this helps  



Issue: PMO - New UX - Error "API-1005 : Attribute(s) 'pdfFile' specified in query parameters are not supported" when opening a Status Report, after applying Status Report Object from Content Addins -PMO



Steps to Reproduce:


  1. Connect to CA PPM with new UX enabled and working fine
  2. Now go to Administration - Content Addins - PMO - Items
  3. Filter to find the Status Report Object
  4. Select it, hit Install, wait it completes
  5. Now go to New User Experience link
  6. Open a Project with some Status Reports on it
  7. Click on Status


Expected Result: Page opens successfully, no error message

Actual Result: Error message API-1005 : Attribute(s) 'pdfFile' specified in query parameters are not supported.


  1. On PPM database, run:


      SET API_ALIAS = 'pdfFile'

      where OBJECT_NAME = 'cop_prj_statusrpt'

      and INTERNAL_NAME = 'cop_pdf_file'

      and (API_ALIAS <> 'pdfFile'

or API_ALIAS is null)


1 row should be updated


  1. Restart the services on the environment