Tech Tip: How to set the cursor fetch size parameter for Fast Data Masker

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While running a masking job in Fast Data Masker (FDM), you may see a parameter called 'Cursor Fetchsize' in the log files. This document will outline how add this option to your FDM GUI and increase the default value for this parameter.


The default location for FDM log files are C:%AppData%\Roaming\Grid-Tools\FastDataMasker\Logs.
Example of where to find the parameter in the log file:


>Thread:Test- Starting at 2016.012.05 10:24:23.871 EDT 
>Cursor Fetchsize:1000 



How can I change the 'Cursor Fetch Size' parameter in Fast Data Masker?



CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- Fast Data Masker (FDM)
All product release versions.



The fetch size should be an available parameter in the 'Options' tab in the FDM GUI when creating your masking job. 

Options tab.PNG

If you do not see this under the 'Options' tab, you can add it to the FDM BuildMap.xls file and it will show in the GUI. Here are directions on how to do this:

  1. Go to the FDM directory folder. The default location for this is C:\Program Files\Grid-Tools\FastDataMasker. 
  2. Open the 'BuildMap.xls' file.

    buildmap file.PNG
  3. Click on the 'Options' tab of the spreadsheet.

    options tab in spreadsheet.PNG

  4. You will need to insert a new row to add this option. The options are in alphabetical order. Find the row where 'FETCHSIZE' should be placed.
  5. Right-click on the row below and choose 'Insert' from the drop down list and choose the 'Entire Row' radio button.

    insert new row.png
    insert entire row.PNG

  6. In the new row, under the 'Option' column, type 'FETCHSIZE'.
  7. In the 'Description' column, type an appropriate description such as 'Set the fetch size'.
  8. In the 'Char' column, type 'YES'.
  9. In the 'Boolean' column, type 'NO'.
  10. In the 'Valid Values' column, leave it blank.

    fetch size excel sheet.PNG

  11. Click 'File' and 'Save' to save the edits made to the BuildMap.xls file.
  12. Re-launch FDM and connect to a profile.
  13. Setup your masking rules.
  14. In the 'Options' tab, you should now see the 'FETCHSIZE' option. Set this to whatever number you need.

    fetch size fdm gui.PNG

  15. In the 'Summary' tab, click on the 'Save & Run Mask' option. 
    • If you have an invalid option and try to run FDM, it will exit with an invalid option error message. 
  16. Go to C:%AppData%\Roaming\Grid-Tools\FastDataMasker\Logs to see the masking job logs.
    • You should not see any fetch size errors.

You are also able to set the fetch size in your database. Here are some sources that can help you with this:

Additional Information:

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