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How to use Release Tracking page when splitting unfinished stories?

Question asked by TravisMcLeskey1365603 on Jan 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by TravisMcLeskey1365603

We follow the "Split unfinished stories" process (as described here on the Rally site) at the end of our Iterations. That process includes setting Release=Unscheduled on the "unfinished" stories. As suggested on the page, we also unlink the unfinished stories from their Feature so they don't get double-counted on the Feature. However, these steps seem to result in bad data on the Release Tracking page.


The Release Tracking page, in Iterations view, is useful for seeing how much work you completed (and didn't complete) for each of the past Iterations. However, because these unfinished Stories no longer have either their Feature link or a Release value, they no longer appear on Release Tracking at all. We've addressed this by preserving the Release field on the unfinished story, which results in all of the data being available in Iterations view. (It affects other apps that track progress against a release directly, like Release Burnup, but we have other apps for tracking our progress, so that's acceptable for us.)


However, when we use this workaround of preserving the Release field, if you switch to Burnup view, those unfinished stories are counted toward the "Planned Points" trend of the burnup, which causes the points to be double-counted.


We would like to be able to see the "unfinished" stories in Iteration view but *not* have them contribute to the "Planned Points" trend in Burnup view. Is there a way to do this? (Maybe the "Planned Points" trend in the Burnup chart should omit User Stories containing "[Unfinished]" in the name?)