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Handling Defects over multiple sprints

Question asked by LouisaD'Silva1357851 on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by EricNash



When managing defects I am linking them to the EPIC User Story for the project.


This provides visibility at the project level for all Defects.


The defects page allows for tasks to be added, sprint assigned, test cases etc. We have a defect which has several test cases already loaded, but this is carrying over to the next sprint.


If the defect ends up being carried over to the next sprint to resolve/implement - how should we handle this?


Just change the sprint? What about the tasks assigned to it? Just keep adding more?


We were told to link the Defect to a US and move that over multiple sprints. Assumption is a Child Story. I still have concerns doing it this way as why then have the Defect page allow for sprint assigning. Do we create multiple Child stories to carry it over multiple sprints? Would that not create multiple defects? Or was the intent CONVERT the Defect to a User Story - i just saw this in your help screens; so not sure if this was meant to be done. 


If we are to CONVERT, would this impact what we have loaded into the DEFECT already?  ie Test Cases/Results


If you can please help clarify the best way to handle this.

Thank you