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Logmon - Define two variables in the same line (same Watcher)

Question asked by Sammeline on Jan 17, 2017
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I'm trying to set up a Watcher Rule in logmon where I want to define to variables in a single line text file.

Excerpt from the file:



I want the values 1078 and John as two separate variables.

I'm using the following expression:



In logmon the variables are set as Match Expression ($1 for ID and $2 for Name) in the same Watcher Rule.

The first capture group for <ID> and the second capture group for <Name>

Message To Send on Match: "Person ${Name} has ID ${ID}"

(desired result: "Person John has ID 1078")


When testing the profile I noticed that it won't match both <ID> and <Name>.

I get the following message: "Person ${Name} has ID 1078"

When changing the order of the elements in the file to "<Name>John</Name><ID>1078</ID>" I get "Person John has ID $ID".

So it looks like it only matches the first possible one. I have "Alarm on First Match Only" unchecked.


Is it possible to define two variables in the same Watcher Rule using a single line text file?


Any help is appreciated!


Thanks in advance,