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WebSpherePMI Scipts for APM 10.5

Question asked by Steve_Oak on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by Hallett_German

As we discovered in an earlier post the PMI scripts listServers and configurePMI along with the companion JACL have been removed from the distribution files starting in 10.3. There have tbeen updated setPmiModules.jacl loaded here on the community site, the lasted one of 9.5 (when the PPK was incorporated into the WebAppSupport jar file).


My readying in the manuals seems to indicate that the noredef implementation should be used on all Java 1.6,x based JVM even in WebSphere 7.x.


Also, my understanding is that PMI is now totally controlled from the IntroscopeAgent.profile so the JACL script should not have the section to enable specific PMI metrics...


Has anyone or is anyone looking at modifying the scripts to reflect what is needed in the WebSphere 10.5 agent? I had this agent installed on 2 machines with 8 JVMs each and the WAS admin complained that he had (according to the manual) to create the custom service for each JVM.