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Facing issues while running a load test using CA App Test

Question asked by psrao on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by psrao

Hello All,

We are doing a performance load test using CA App Test Workstation.

Our basic requirement is to send 2000+ messages per second to the TIBCO Queue.

Our test case design is as follows.

1.Main Test case ( will pick the customer name from one sheet )

  1. We kept data set as Global by not selecting Local, means that if 100 records are there 100 VU’s should take 1 unique record each (expected outcome based on our requirement)
  2. We are not  looping over the data set in main test case to achieve load test functionality,  let coordinator decides to end the test once data is exhausted.

2. Sub process (will generate the n number of messages for one customer and place it in queue)

  1. We kept data set as Local
  2. We are looping over the data set in main test case


We are using some configuration properties

{{DataSheetPath}}  - will point to data sets in simulator which is in linux machine (/../CADevTest_9.1_Simulator/Datasets/appName)

{{UserName}} - user name


We are giving  {{DataSheetPath}}/{{UserName}}/Book1.xlsx in data set path

We found , when we are executing the test in load test pattern (that is when data set is global and ,not looping to data set )

we are getting below error,



| Exception:


| Message: Error doing random data sets


| Trapped Exception: Data file /../CADevTest_9.1_Simulator/Datasets/appName/Sankar/Book1.xlsx has no datasets

| Trapped Message:


Did anyone experienced this issue


Can anyone help in this regard please.


Test case design screen shots are attached


Thanks in advance.