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Performance in "CA Policy Manager" tool depends on user ?

Question asked by APIMGTEtudes18000094 on Jan 17, 2017
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I am a user for 7 months on the tool "Policy Manager" of the CA API Gateway, first in version 9.0 then 9.1 (currently)

We had problems of slowness on the Policy Manager, using IDP accounts on our Active Directory.
The first reflex is to think that is was related to our AD. But not !
Now we working with accounts "Internal user". And the slowness come back gradually !

Same tasks are replay by 3 users, on the same platform and the same instance of Policy Manager :


1) My account (internal user) take:

- 40 Sec to connect/disconnect

- 15-30 Sec to task "Revision History" of a policy

- 15-30 Sec to open/edit a policy


2) A new account (internal user), with the same Role of my account, take:

- 15 Sec to connect/disconnect

- 4 Sec to task "Revision History" of a policy

- 2 Sec to open/edit the same policy


3) "Admin" account is equivalent of a new account.


There is a relation between history of user and performance ?


Please help if we can make it run faster foreach user !