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Port allocation schemes?

Question asked by JacquesBrierre62135525 on Jan 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by JacquesBrierre62135525

Hello, all

I am consolidating virtualized services from two servers that are running their very own 9.1.0 devtest suites (Enterprise Dashboard, Registry, Portal, Coordinator, Simulator and VSE). I would like to streamline services over the two with one Dashboard, a couple of registries, and multiple VSEs to accommodate the many types of users and their needs.

It occurs to me that I am bound to get many questions about port allocation as we are sure to find services with the same port configured. At the same time, I am also envisaging enforcing URLs that can be in DNS giving services well known, meaningful  names that identify their function.

It also occurs to me that DNS names will ultimately resolve to DEVTEST HOST:PORT which means they just need to be unique.

Has anyone experienced this and can give me some advice on allocating ports in a sane way?

Also, is there reason/incentive to move to a devtest release newer than 9.1?

Thanks for any help or comments.