Tech Tip: How to Download CA Test Data Manager

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This document will explain how to download CA Test Data Manager from CA Support Online.


Before you get started downloading the product, please read through the product release notes and installation documentation of the version you will be downloading:


If you need to see documentation for a different version of the product:

  1. Click on 'Versions' in the top, right-hand corner of the documentation page.
  2. From the dropdown list, please choose the version that you need.

tdm docops version.PNG


In order to download the product, you will need CA Support Online access.

register with CA.png

CA Test Data Manager (TDM)
  1. Login to CA Support Online: 

    login to support online.png

  2. Hover over the 'Download Center' arrow button.

    download center arrow.PNG

  3. Choose 'Product Downloads' from the list that appears.

    download product button1.png

  4. On the 'Download Center' page, please enter the following information:
    • Please select the type of download you are looking for: Products

    • Select a Product: CA Test Data Manager for Data Generation and Test Matching - MULTI-PLATFORM

      • What product options show depend on your contract with CA.
      • Here are all the TDM download options available to customers (depending on their contract):
        • CA Test Data Manager Trial
        • CA Test Data Manager for Data Generation and Test Matching - MULTI-PLATFORM
        • CA Test Data Manager for Masking and Subsetting - MULTI-PLATFORM
        • CA Test Data Manager for Test Data on Demand - MULTI-PLATFORM
        • CA Test Data Manager Mainframe DB2 Add On - MVS
        • CA Test Data Manager Mainframe IMS Add On - MVS
      • If you are not seeing either of these options or have a question, please call our Global Service Center (GSC) to see what you are entitled to download- 

    • Select a Release: 
      • Choose whichever release you need.

    • Select a Gen level:
      • If you are unsure what to choose, pick the highest number. This will be the latest release.

    • Check box for 'Show me published solutions for this release'.
      • Several components will be listed and highlighted by default. Leave all selected.

    • Click the blue 'Go' button.

      download center tdm.PNG

  5. You will be taken to the 'Product Downloads' results page- 

  6. Check on the 'Add to cart' boxes for whichever downloads you need. 

  7. Click the 'Download' links for whichever products you need.
    • Choose the 'CA Test Data Manager Full Package X.X' option.
    • You only need to download the CA TDM Repository Kit if this is your first time installing TDM.

      tdm product download results.png

  8. A 'Download Method' page will appear. The CA recommended method for downloading the product is the first option. Under 'HTTP via Download Manager', click the green 'Download' button.
    • If this does not work for you, try another option: HTTP via Internet Browser or FTP.
    • If you are still experiencing issues, please call our Global Service Center (GSC) and they will be able to help you- 

      http via download manager.png

  9. An 'HTTP via Download Manager' window will appear. In order to download using the 'Enhanced Download Manager', you will need to install the executable. Click the first green 'Download' button to do this.

    http via download manager download button 2.png

  10. A 'Download Status Page' window will appear. You will be prompted to save the download file. Choose a location and click the 'Save' button.

    download status page, save file.png 

  11. After some time you should then receive a 'Download Complete' message. You can now exit out of the 'Download Status Page' window.

    download complete message.PNG

  12. Go to the location where you chose the zip file to be downloaded to and verify that there is a setup executable. 

    tdm setup executable.PNG

  13. To install TDM, please follow the instructions in the documentation:

  14. To license TDM, please follow the instructions in the documetation:


Additional Information:

If you have any issues downloading the product or using CA Support Online, please contact our Global Service Center as the product support team does not have the ability to troubleshoot CA Support Online. You can find the appropriate contact number for your country code here: 


If you experience any issues installing or applying the license, please open a support case either by going to or calling CA Support at one of these numbers-