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Capture Config for any Device via SSH

Question asked by travd93 on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by karl.haworth

I'm working through ensuring all our devices in our network are backing up their configs via Spectrum, unfortunately as we are all aware Spectrum doesnt have a model for everything under the sun.


I have been modifying an SSH Script we originally got from Cisco to run with ASAs to backup the saved config on devices.

Basically all the Script does is Run one command and then capture the output..


My question is whether anyone has seen a more generic SSH Script for getting config? I would prefer to not basterdis my existing script but can't start from scratch because the closest I get to programming is powershell..


If there are any docos around on best practices on how to write these scripts I'd love to know about them, or if anyone has there own SSH Scripts the'd like to share that would be great.


Any advice appreciated,