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How to get number of messages queued in a queue programmatically ?

Question asked by Raghuvirrai on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by Gene_Howard

Hi all,


I have a requirement to proactively monitor the number of messages queued in a queue so that we can alert the team in advance if the rate of growth in a specific time duration exceeds predefined threshold. This would help in a scenario where an existing connection between an attach and equivalent get queue gets broken when the get queue gets disabled ( through any reason ).


Is there a way, through callback or any other way, to get the number of messages queued in a specific queue ?  Assuming such option is there, I can then log the number of messages in a specific queue periodically in any local database and then alert on the count either through programmatically or through built-in CA UIM probes like sql_response.



Abhishek Tiwari