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CA Agile Central Integration Configurator (WICoCo) Proxy Settings

Question asked by NigelHarrison on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by NigelHarrison

I'm setting up the JIRA / Agile Central within our organisation, and I'm trying to get the WICoCo app working for configuring field mappings. However I seem to be running into the problem of not being able to set the proxy settings. I get to the point of entering the details of the Agile Central and JIRA values but it says there is no proxy settings defined.


I've tried to environment variables with the same name, and look at command line values but there seems to be no way of setting these values. Any help would be gratefully received as we have potentially hundreds of Workflows to deal with and this tool could be very helpful. 


To be clear, I know all of the credentials I need and the connector is working  fine, just can't set the proxy for WICoCo-web appe.