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Passthrough request by checking service name to live environment

Question asked by RohanD on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by Joel NeSmith

Hi All,


Anybody aware of passthrough model , how to send a request to live mode by checking one of the service name . I know we can write java code in Virtual service router step ,but can somebody share exactly how to do it , any code?


issue is : I have one request coming to LISA but it contains objects,factory model type (java concepts) its EJB service , we have done recording of application through LISA and created Virtual services but now when we test it and hit the same request again LISA is able to respond but application is not able to parse the response .

Earlier we thought like this but when we saw the original source code we have factory,objects created for EJB service and may be LISA not able to record correctly actual service. So we thought to bypass the service instead of failing .



any option to configure in Agents itself?


Sample source application file contains :


ServiceManager service = ServiceManager.INSTANCE;
BOFactory factory = (BOFactory) service
DataObject commandSetBO = factory.create(
"http://ITNCMMediationV2_0/com/telus/bo", "CommandSetBO");


Please suggest asap.



Rohan Doshi