Lenn Thompson

[WEBCAST REPLAY] How Process Automation Works with On-Boarding/Off-Boarding

Discussion created by Lenn Thompson Employee on Jan 20, 2017

As many IT professionals know, on-boarding and off-boarding employees takes more than just a conversation with HR. There are dozens of tasks to do before during, and after, that require both time and budget. Watch the replay of this webcast with CA Technologies’ internal IT team, as they discuss how they use CA Process Automation to automate their own on-boarding and off-boarding processes, remove manual errors, and speed up the delivery of services.


Watch to learn:

  • How a 12,000 employee company streamlines on-boarding and off-boarding
  • How to simplify integration and save time through automation of tasks
  • How to ensure employees get on-boarded efficiently so they can provide value faster, and off-boarded quickly and securely


Watch the replay