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Special characters in Notes on Service Catalog request

Question asked by KarolinAlbinsson on Jan 23, 2017
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I have a question about the "Notes" feature in Service Catalog. (14.1)


One of our customers experiences that sometimes, special characters in strings are not handled properly by the catalog. 

We're based in Sweden and our alphabet contains the special characters å,ä and ö. 


This happens only when using the built-in notes-feature, adding a note to a request (oneclick submit) before/after it is submitted. 

Sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not work using special characters. 


The å,ä,ö are replaced with question marks, and also the entire string in enclosed in <p>-tags when I look at the string note_text in DB. 


Has anyone experienced this?


I reckon that if this was a configuration matter, it would either always work or never work...

Everything else in the catalog works just fine with the special characters, such as input in forms, and all the translations. 


I've attached a screenshot showing the different notes, added on the same day, both containting special chars. The first note is added before submitting the request, the second is added after the request has been submitted.