Tec Tip: Post Timesheets job slow on 14.3, 14.4 and 15.1

Discussion created by Nika_Hadzhikidi Employee on Jan 23, 2017
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Hello fellow community members,



We have a known issue with Post Timesheets job slowness, that we have now logged as:


DE31729 On-the-fly matrix, being enabled by default, slows significantly Post Timesheets job


Affects 14.3,14.4,15.1


  1. Approve a big amount of timesheets on a large dataset with on-the-fly matrix enabled
  2. Run Post Timesheets job


Expected results: Timesheets to be posted in a timely manner

Actual Results: Post Timesheets job takes hours to run, and processes usually only 1 timesheet per minute



  1. Stop and cancel the Post Timesheets job
  2. Ensure the query does no longer run on the database level - if not done, can lead to duplicate transaction
  3. Disable the on-the-fly matrix:

update cmn_option_values set value=0

where option_id =

(select id from cmn_options where option_code='PRJ_RT_RATES_EXTRACTION');



  1. Re-run the job again


Am I affected?

1. Is your timesheet posting taking several hours?

2. To check if you have on-the-fly matrix enabled, use the select query:

select value from cmn_option_values

where option_id =

(select id from cmn_options where option_code='PRJ_RT_RATES_EXTRACTION')

Value will be 1 for enabled and 0 for disabled).


Support recommends you to not apply the workaround unless you do have the performance issue with the job.


 Potential impact and how to restrict it:

The on-the-fly matrix feature recalculates the actuals matrix in order to ensure the data is up to date before running the Post Timesheets.  When we disable it, we need to make sure the Rate Matrix Extraction job with Incremental option is running prior to the Post Timesheets job and also often enough throughout the day i.e. at least every hour if possible. On-the-fly feature is also used for baselining a project or a task, so you want to make sure the rates are always up to date before that, this is why it's important to run the job as often as possible.



I hope this helps -Nika