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How stable should be connections via CA PAM?

Question asked by Ellery on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by Miquel-Gilibert-i-Sunye

In a stable network, how many time will CA PAM allow RDP connections and Webportal connections to be online?


I'm asking because we received a testimonial that connections normally used to stay active up to 5 days, but since yesterday one of our client's environment they had two disconnections and one of them happened just before they restarted the access.


Today the guy who uses most CA PAM told me when he arrived at work the connections were lost.


To add more info, it happened in thick client and with browser too.


Any suggestions where to look for clues about the problem?


I asked him to start a paralel RDP connection to realize if the disconnection will happed with native client too.