Eclipse CA-IDMS/DB Schema Diagram Mapper

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    Hello Fellow IDMSers!
      For those that aren't aware; there exists a FREE Schema Diagram Mapper that has been available since 2013!
        Yes, it draws data diagrams from your CA-IDMS Schemas for you that can be printed.


      Steps to success:

        Download and Install Eclipse IDE for JAVA Developers. The mapper is a Eclipse Plug In. Like the schema mapper, it is free also as it is open source.


            Go to  which is the home page for this product. It tells one       everything needed for the product:



      The tool takes Schema source as input that one must download to your Mac or Windows from the IDMS Dictionary.


      Once you go to the home page above, I recommend clicking on 'Documents' and follow the steps in the 'Getting started' Document:

      Following the steps in the 'Getting Started' Document will produce diagrams such as this one:

      I'm far from being an expert but if anyone has any basic questions, I will be happy to try to answer them.


      Many Kudos (thanks) to Luc Hermans from the European CA-IDMS User Group for developing AND providing this tool!


      Take good care,

      Joe Perkins

      CA-IDMS Database Administration