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Duplicate process issues

Question asked by derekj on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by MWNiebuhr

Pam 4.3.1.  I'm having an issue where in a clustered configuration scheduled processes execute twice.  The Orchestrators are behind a Brocade load balancer in an Active / Passive configuration.  When the primary goes offline the secondary is promoted to primary until it goes offline.  


I've got a few processes that generate reports and email them off and when the schedule executes it kicks off two processes, one on each of the Orchestrators.  The only way I've found to prevent multiple emails is to remove the Email connector settings on the passive Orchestrator.  The process still executes twice but one of them fails so the email doesn't get sent.  However if the server with the email connector settings blanked out becomes the primary then both instances of the process fail.  It's pretty weird behavior and I'm not sure if anyone has a suggestion?