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Daily Resource Actual Hours from Other Work, Services, Ideas

Question asked by mtuscic on Jan 25, 2017
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here is query that will get you all hours from resource's timesheet posted for a project (tasks):

SELECT Slice, slice_date, r.full_name, t.prname Task_name, project
FROM prj_blb_slices s, prassignment a, prtask t, srm_resources r, srm_projects p
WHERE s.prj_object_id = a.prid and a.prtaskid = t.prid and
t.prprojectid = and a.prresourceid = and
p.unique_name like 'Replace with Project Code' and
r.unique_name like 'Replace with Resource Code' and
slice_request_id = 2
How to get actuals from timesheet that are posted for Service, Other Work and Ideas? In other words, from investments that don't have tasks?