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${httpRouting.reasonCode} does not get populated for an Routing Failure

Question asked by Abiram on Jan 25, 2017
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We are trying to test for time out and invalid URL and other  httpRouting.reasonCode listed but observed that the value returned in such scenario is not set even such condition is simulated. Using L7 9.1


Any one face similar issues ? please advice  . None of values are getting populated


Returns one of the following reason codes when the HTTP routing fails:

  • -1 (Host Not Found): The Server referenced in the URL (for example, cannot be reached. This code can be returned if either the host does not exist or the host is simply down.
  • -2 (Bad URL): The URL is incorrect. This could be caused by an incorrect character such as "#".
  • -3 (Connection timeout): An initial message was sent to the URL but no response was received before the connection timeout expired. The connection timeout value is defined in the assertion properties.
  • -4 (Read timeout): One of packets being received from the URL took longer than the read timeout value to be received. The read timeout value is defined in the assertion properties.
  • -5 (Undefined): An unknown type of error has occurred.