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CA UIM (Nimsoft) Ticketing Software - ConnectWise

Question asked by Chris_Armstrong on Jan 25, 2017
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My company is in the process researching ConnectWise for our ticketing software, and their website states that they support Nimsoft.  After speaking with a ConnectWise Sales manager, it seems the "magic" happens on the Nimsoft side.


I found the connectwise_gateway probe, but it seems to not be your typical probe that is QA’ed by the CA/Nim Dev team.  It was created by a field engineer. The connectwise probe is not readily available in the archive either, but I did locate it, here:


It appears to currently not be supported by CA (i.e. new releases, fixes, enhancements, documentation, etc.).  


If this probe is currently not receiving updates/enhancements/etc., does anyone have any insight on whether or not CA will eventually support it?


Also, does anyone have any info on the implementation process of setting up CA UIM to send alerts to ConnectWise?  Or is there anyone out there that is using CW for your ticketing software?


Any information will be greatly appreciated!



Chris A.